A little about me (and the website)...

I'm not a huge Bollywood critic nor do I plan to be one. I'm just a student studying computer science who has a passion for Bollywood movies. Over the years, I've noticed that movie reviews on the internet aren't very accurate and are usually paid reviews. So I thought why not make my own review website where I try to provide as truthful reviews as I can.

The reviews will go over four things that someone looks for in a movie: direction, story, acting & music. Instead of providing a plot summary that might reveal too much for some and too little for others, there will be a trailer at the end of each review. Also, I have tried to break down each movie based on its genre and appropriate audience for easy access as best as I could. And of course, all the reviews are short and to-the-point (as the name suggests)!

If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, feel free to send me an email at BollywoodToThePoint@gmail.com